MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd. is dedicated to the single task of making your localized software products perfect.

We provide specialized multilingual QA services to software publishers and localization companies as well as perform in-context quality assurance testing on localized software.

MULTILINGUAL QA takes advantage of its geographic and demographic location – in the heart of Israel’s Silicon Valley – to attract highly professional and technical QA testers, who are also native-speakers of the target language.

MULTILINGUAL QA is unique in its commitment to performing all testing under one roof. Localization testing requires professional knowledge and careful control of the IT environment: clean machines, workstations and servers with local operating systems, local default code pages and regional settings within a controlled system configuration are only a few reasons. Moreover, the know-how and experience gathered from testing one localized version can provide ready solutions that may be needed in other versions and locales as well. A single project manager manages the QA of all language versions and can coordinate knowledge sharing as needed.

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