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Cosmetic Testing
Translation has an enormous impact on the cosmetic quality of an application. No amount of world-readiness or globalization can remedy the fact that German strings will be longer than their English counterparts. Almost any localization project will require some level of cosmetic testing. Cosmetic testing ensures that the layout, appearance, size, and alignment of all on-screen text as well as the order of fields and tabbing still makes sense post-translation
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Truncated text that does not fit into its dialog box, menu or title bar
Text that takes up two lines where only one was provided
Extended or double-byte characters that appear as empty squares
Fields reversed or in the wrong order in right-to-left languages (such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and Hebrew)
Insufficient space above and below text for accented characters (a potential problem in almost all languages other than English).
Tooltips that are not translated (a common resource oversight)
Cosmetic QA testing is essential in assuring that the software still looks correct after translation.
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