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Website QA

Website QA covers the following elements:

  • Translation accuracy
  • Language clarity
  • Context accuracy
  • Non-translated content (find text that was not translated)
  • Text truncation, inappropriate wrapping, and page layout expansion
  • Cross browser support
  • HTML coding validity
  • Link validation (dead target testing)
  • Usability review

After translating a website, a full QA of the translated website is essential. Just as with software localization, website translation is often performed out of context, causing the marketing message of the translated text to be off-target. In addition, text expansion can lead to functional and cosmetic issues.

Whether your website is content-only, or an e-commerce site, any translation error significantly interferes with your chances to turn the reader into a customer. After all the hard work of getting qualified traffic to your site, you cannot afford to turn them away with translation errors. The linguistic and functional quality of your translated website has a direct impact on your brand equity and conversion percentage.

MULTILINGUAL QA testers check linguistic, cosmetic and functional issues, just as in any software localization project: Website testing is performed according to a detailed test script, either built by our QA engineers or supplied by you. QA staff first review the translated website as a standalone – as if it were the source language. Next, the translated site is compared to the source language site to validate accuracy.

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