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MULTILINGUAL QA Joins GALA, the leading Localization Industry Organization

February 11, 2007,MULTILINGUAL QA's joining GALA in January 2007, establishes that this young Israeli company's new and innovative concept for testing localized software will quickly become an industry standard.

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a fully representative, non-profit, international industry association for the translation, internationalization, localization, and globalization industry. GALA is made up of the industry leaders, and includes the most well known companies in the field.  In line with one of the stated goals of GALA, MULTILINGUAL QA believes that by working together with our colleagues within the industry, we can share information and continue to foster innovative ways to promote ourselves and our industry, thus our clients will benefit from a 'Best of Breed' solution for their localization needs.

MULTILINGUAL QA continues to offer third party validation of translated software, and increases the value of the localization vendor who translated the software by adding an additional layer of quality assurance, which when shared with the provider can increase the overall quality of the localized product. This is accomplished via the sharing of information with the original localization vendor which in turn allows them to improve their processes.

Recently many localization vendors realizing the value of MULTILINGUAL QA's offering, have collaborated with MULTILINGUAL QA and outsourced their entire Linguistic QA to MULTILINGUAL QA.


MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd. is dedicated to the single task of testing localized software.

MULTILINGUAL QA recognizes the need for both Localization vendors and Software Publishers to perform all QA sessions for localized software in multiple languages in one center and under one roof, while providing all needed infrastructure and human resources to support the linguistic QA personnel.

MULTILINGUAL QA offers third-party verification for localized software including functionality, linguistics, and cosmetic testing in more than 30 languages.

MULTILINGUAL QA takes advantage of its location in the heart of Israel’s Silicon Valley to attract highly professional and technical QA testers, who are also native speakers of the target languages .


For more information please visit www.multilingualqa.com

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