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LISA and Multilingual QA Ltd. Team Up to Provide Localized Product Quality Assessments

New Service Provides Software Companies with an Accurate Quality Assessment of Their Localized Software

Romainmôtier, Switzerland and Tel Aviv, Israel – February 10, 2009 – The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and Multilingual QA Ltd., the leading provider of localization testing services, announced today a new service that assesses globalized software products. The unique service, available via LISA's website at www.lisa.org, enables software companies to assess the quality of their localized software products. Additionally, it provides an indication as to a product's compliance with localization industry standards.
Up until now, software manufacturers have faced this unanswered question: How good is our localized software? QA teams can usually determine quality levels for the English version, but the quality of the localized versions often remains a mystery, with only incidental user feedback. As a result, localization managers and marketing executives do not know whether their localized products are at comparable quality levels as the original English version.
The new Globalization Product Assessment service offered by LISA and Multilingual QA Ltd. answers this difficult question by delivering a pinpoint analysis of the functional, cosmetic and linguistic quality levels of the localized software, including comparisons to industry averages.
"For over 18 years, LISA has developed expertise which helps software manufacturers improve their globalization processes," commented Michael Anobile, Executive Director of LISA. "This new offering moves beyond processes, and focuses on specific product analysis, answering a need that we hear from all over the globe. Software developers want clear metrics that show how their localized products measure up."
"We have the vantage point of seeing localized products in almost every popular language and in many different product categories," explained Shy Avni, CEO of Multilingual QA Ltd. "Our labs, which are staffed exclusively by native-speakers of each test language, can generate detailed reports and examples, which show the quality of the software in simple terms."
The new Globalization Product Assessment service is available immediately, and can be ordered via LISA's website - www.lisa.org - or by contacting LISA at lab@lisa.org.

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Founded in 1990, the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) is the leading international forum for organizations doing business globally. It has distilled the right ways and wrong ways of supporting international customers, products and services over the last 19 years from more than 500 corporate members, public and private institutions, government ministries and trade organizations. For more information, please visit www.lisa.org.


Multilingual QA Ltd. is a quality assurance center specializing exclusively in localization testing in over 30 languages. It provides quality assurance services for multilingual software, websites, devices and documentation, with all services provided by native-speaking QA experts. For more information please visit www.multilingualqa.com.

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