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MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd. Launches New “360 Degree” Software and Documentation Validation Service

Expanded Testing Methodology Provides Source Language Quality for Each Translated Version of Software and Documentation

Berlin, June 9, 2008 – MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd., the #1 provider of localization testing services, announced today a new ‘360 Degree’ Testing Service that improves localized software and documentation quality to a level previously unachievable. The net result is localized documentation and software that is not only of extremely high quality, but also appears to the user to have been developed originally in the localized language. This innovative service integration is being offered and presented for the first time at the Localization World conference, taking place in Berlin June 9-11.
Based on MULTILINGUAL QA’s strong testing IT infrastructure, the ‘360 Degree’ process involves validating the software by installing and running entirely according to the documentation only, and then conversely validating the documentation specifically in context of the software in use.  This new service is built by combining a number of services previously offered by MULTILINGUAL QA, and integrating them under a unified QA project management methodology. The service is further served by MULTILINGUAL QA’s commitment that every QA project is handled exclusively by native speakers of the target language.
“In today’s business environment, content is king. Localized software services are the key to differentiating your offering,” stated Shy Avni, MULTILINGUAL QA’s CEO and Founder. “Software vendors can no longer afford to simply translate their resources word-for-word. To achieve excellence, a more holistic approach is necessary, that approaches the material from every angle possible.”


MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd. is dedicated to the single task of making localized software products perfect. MULTILINGUAL QA provides specialized multilingual testing services to software publishers and localization companies. Based in Israel, MULTILINGUAL QA takes advantage of its geographic and demographic location, creating a centralized QA center with highly professional and technical QA testers who are also native speakers of the target language. MULTILINGUAL QA is unique in its commitment to creating a centralized QA testing center under one roof, achieving levels of excellence and efficiency far beyond that of in-house or other common overseas testing methods.  MULTILINGUAL QA’s headquarters are located in Or Yehuda, Israel, with European sales and marketing offices in Brussels, Belgium.

Press Contact:  Orad Elkayam - orad.elkayam@multilingualqa.com

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