LISA is the leading international forum for organizations doing business globally. It has distilled the right ways and wrong ways of supporting international customers, products and services over the last fifteen years from more than 500 corporate members, public & private institutions, government ministries and trade organizations. You can now leverage this invaluable expertise - available nowhere else - in the form of clear guidelines, best practice and standards to enable your organization to deliver on its international objectives.



Net-Translators is a leading translation and localization company offering services in over 60 languages to software, hardware, and medical device companies around the world. Services include localization of software products including GUIs and online Help, translation of technical and marketing materials, and full website globalization. Net-Translators specializes in translation of materials for compliance to international regulations and works hand-in hand with Multilingual QA to provide robust multilingual testing for joint clients.

» Net-Translators and Multilingual QA Merge to Expand Language Services Portfolio Worldwide - June 1, 2010


Localization Flow Technologies

Localization Flow Technologies is a consulting company with offices in Toronto, Z├╝rich, and Ede (The Netherlands) focused primarily on the internationalization and localization of software and Web applications. Our highly-experienced consultants are versed in the full range of international product delivery from strategic planning through hands-on, in-the-trenches coding, plus process improvement, personnel and budget management, and technology deployment. Although fully independent, we have strong relationships with prominent translation industry tool and service providers, and thus can connect you with the appropriate resources to fulfill your needs, while advising you from an agenda-free viewpoint. For more information, visit

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