QA Solution Alternatives

When determining how to QA your localized software, you have a number of alternatives:

It is important to consider the issues involved in each of these alternatives.

In-House QA – You probably have effective QA methodologies and expertise today that you use to achieve the highest quality possible in your source language product release. It may be tempting to piggy-back on this infrastructure for QA’ing localized releases. But this is not advisable, due to the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure for numerous languages (OS versions, server platforms, etc.) and the costs and difficulties to properly staff your team with native-speaking QA professionals.

In-Country Freelancers – In some cases, QA freelancers can be found in the target country of the localized language. While this freelancer may be an excellent QA engineer, the very nature of this organizational structure is problematic: The freelancer has no IT support for configuration and OS platforms; Management oversight is problematic with no knowledge sharing or resource sharing between languages; and in many cases, the freelancer is a translator who does QA on the side – a very different task requiring a very different skill-set.

Off-Shore Outsourcing – Outsourcing to low-cost QA centers in locations such as China or India may be tempting based on upon the initial price evaluation. But a closer examination shows that the effectiveness of your QA is much lower with off-shore QA: Without native-language speakers, only a small portion of the localization defects will be found and only the most obvious functional bugs. This leaves the linguistic issues to be discovered in a separate process, increasing time to market and spreading the QA budget even thinner. Furthermore, business culture and intellectual property management issues require consideration as well.

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