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Industry Specialist Review

MULTILINGUAL QA has a broad network of in-country experts with specific industry expertise. We offer content-specific consulting services that provide you with access to these experts. You can take advantage of this wide network – not only for translation QA, but also for product design validation.

Product design feedback, when received early on during the design process, will vastly improve a product’s chances for success. Usage trends, feedback and expectations are not the same for every geographic target market. Let our local experts give you the input you need.

If your products are in any of these fields, contact us today:

  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Software Systems
  • Billing and Financial Management Systems
  • CAD/CAM and Robotics
  • Aeronautics, Military and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronics and Circuit Design
  • ERP, CRM and Enterprise Software
  • Home Entertainment and Portable Entertainment peripherals
  • Mobile devices and GPS systems
  • Gaming Software
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