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Internationalization (I18N) Testing
Before you start the localization process and deliver resources to translators, Internationalization Testing checks your software’s readiness for the task. Translating software without performing internationalization testing in advance will often lead to problems when incorporating the translated resources. Fixing these problems will then involve fixes in each of the languages, multiplying the size of effort by the number of translated languages, and thus increasing costs and time to market.
For example, pseudo-translation often discover that some of the text remains in English, which is an indicator of hard-coded strings or improperly externalized resources in your software. Other issues may include single-byte/multi-byte language support, non-Latin text layout support (ex: vertical) and natural language software features.
MULTILINGUAL QA can test your software readiness for localization, provide you with a report on how to improve localization readiness and even take full responsibility and provide you a full internationalization service solution if you do not have the capacity in-house.
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